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From Masipag Mindanao to Agro-Eco Philippines: The impacts of farmers’ empowerment in the south

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April 18, 2017

Dear Partners and Friends,

Warm greetings of partnership!

We would like to inform you all that we have renamed our SEC Registration from “MASIPAG MINDANAO, INC.” to “AGRO-ECO PHILIPPINES, INC.” last November 22, 2016. Herewith attached is our previous and present SEC Registration for your reference.

Furthermore, we are requesting you all to address us as “AGRO-ECO PHILIPPINES,” a farmer-led Mindanao-based national NGO working on organic agriculture in your directories, communications, in our alliances and coalitions, and in the conduct of the common activities and advocacies that we are consistently engaging with for a long period of time.

The renamed of our SEC Registration is in line with the concretization of our organizational autonomy and growth — delivering our services not only in Mindanao but also in many parts of the Philippine archipelago.

We would also like to clarify that a group called “Masipag Mindanao” or sometimes called “Masipag in Mindanao” based in Juna Subdivision, Matina, Davao City is not the same group that represents MASIPAG MINDANAO, INC. which existed since early 1990s and became AGRO-ECO PHILIPPINES in 2016.

This group was formed by some few individuals in December 2015 after the member farmers’ organizations, scientists, NGOs, Church-based groups and partner academic institutions of MASIPAG MINDANAO, INC. have collectively asserted, during our General Assembly, our rights and sovereignty over our assets and properties all named after our SEC Registration, and reaffirmed our organizational principles and mode of operations that existed for the past 20 years. Kindly see the attached Resolution from Masipag, Inc.

Moreover, Masipag, Inc. and its extension units in Jaro, Iloilo City and Sta. Rosa, Nueva Ecija are not organizationally connected with AGRO-ECO PHILIPPINES.

Although they are not connected with us, we wish them the best in all of their endeavours and we are openly expressing our heartfelt intention to collaborate with them on various social issues.

We always believe that the more we are working for social justice, the greater impacts we can create. Everyone has a significant contribution to make in addressing social inequalities and in bringing about sustainable development.

More than anything else, we further believe that respect, openness and compassion can result to a better outcome in what we are doing as practitioners of participatory development, bottom-up approach, and grassroot empowerment.

We are pleased to update you all that as of now our national network-organization has 305 active People’s Organizations (POs), 18 Partner LGUs, 28 Partner NGOs, 14 Partner Universities and Colleges, and 158 young agriculturists. We continue to serve the poor and vulnerable farming communities in the 23 provinces and 15 cities of Mindanao, and we are extending our capacity-building programs in line with climate change-resiliency in Visayas and Eastern Luzon through our altruistic partnership with farmers’ groups, Dioceses and Social Action Centers, local government units, national and international development organizations.

You can get in touch with our Coordinators with regards to your needs on organic agriculture, accessing of seeds, trainings and seminars, dissemination of climate-resilient crops and farming practices, organic product processing and marketing, education on women in agriculture, on-farm researches on climate-resilient farming, and campaign on right to food and against environmental plunder.

Feel free to contact the following staff anytime:

1. Mr. Noel Salazar, Coordinator for Cluster 1
Area of coverage: Caraga Region and Visayas
Mobile phone number: 09995652759; Email:

2. Mr. Jeonard Santillan, Coordinator for Cluster 2
Area of coverage: Region 12 and Maguindanao
Mobile phone number: 09460816136; Email:

3. Mr. Tirso Lopecillo, Coordinator for Cluster 3
Area of coverage: Region 10 and Lanao Del Sur
Mobile phone number: 09106394117; Email:

4. Mr. Gabriel Diaz, Coordinator for Cluster 4
Area of coverage: Region 9, Misamis Occidental and Basilan
Mobile phone number: 09215367519; Email:

5. Mr. Urdarico “Father Jun” Galenzoga, Jr., Coordinator for Cluster 5
Area of coverage: Davao City, Compostela Valley and Davao Provinces
Mobile phone number: 09099393216; Email:

6. Mr. Geonathan T. Barro, Executive Director
Mobile phone number: 09185599814
Email address:

You can also contact me through my mobile phone number 09099259332 and through this email address: for your training requests in Luzon areas.

AGRO-ECO PHILIPPINES is glad to continue working with you all, and more inspired by the significant transformations that we are witnessing on the improvement of the quality of life, capacities, social involvement and faith of the people and communities that we are journeying with.

Thank you so much for your continuing solidarity and support!

Most Sincerely Yours,

(Signed) Valeriano T. Santillan
Board of Trustees

SEC Registration of Agro-Eco Philippines

SEC Registration of Masipag Mindanao

MBC Land Title

BOT Letter - page 1

BOT Letter - page 2

Resolution of Masipag National on the SEC and assets of Masipag Mindanao - page 1

Resolution of Masipag National on the SEC and assets of Masipag Mindanao - page 2

Resolution of Masipag National on the SEC and assets of Masipag Mindanao - page 3






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